Wouldn’t it be nice if art teachers could have a substitute that actually KNOWS art? Well, most of us aren’t that lucky.. We have ALL had projects ruined from a sub and it’s devastating! So we have a choice to make, do we let the sub teach the lesson and continue a project that we have been working on and risk a disaster OR do we just let them teach an easy generic lesson that will put your classes behind all the others. I think this is the reason that most of us in education have to be on our death bed to call in sick! I wanted to share with you today my sub tub and sub binder that I use if I MUST take a day off.


“Art Room Update”Here is a quick way for me to reference how my classes did when I was gone and how far they got on their projects. I will include this document in my post so you can download it! 🙂


Be sure to include ALL schedules in this portion of your binder: Normal Day, 2 Hour Delay, 3 Hour Delay, Full school calendar, and a” Duty” schedule if you have an AM or PM school job.
I included pictures in my binder so the sub could see EXACTLY what I was talking about. Pictures are much easier than trying to describe your room and where supplies are located.
Short descriptions of what each area in my classroom is.
Short descriptions of what each area in my classroom is.
Short descriptions of what each area in my classroom is.
Some substitutes may not be familiar with the technology in your building, a quick reference guide is always helpful to a new person in your classroom!


Typically subs don’t contact the parents, but if the sub leaves me a note on my “Art Room Update” and it is serious enough I will fill out my OOPS form and send it home with the student to have signed and bring baclk.
Ill include this as a free Printable too!
Include all fire drill information here!
Emergency Information


Any time I see “Free Printable” on Pinterest that is Art related I print a class set of it off and stick it in my Sub Tub just in case I have to call in sick and need something in a hurry, I just grab from here! I have a file for each grade level.
I made these cards for each grade level and laminated them. I use these to clip to each grade levels worksheet or project.
Cards clipped to the grade levels assignment.


If you would like me to email you a copy of any of my “Printables” just comment here with what you want and your email address!